Hello! I’m Gareth Sleightholme. I draw and write comics (amongst other things), mostly about monsters and the people that hunt or are hunted by them…

And welcome to the new (for late 2018/early 2019) Iron Shod Ape Comics blog*, if you’ve just stumbled across us, we are a creative collective of comic book fans now making our own books… and occasionally working with others on theirs.

If you are interested in collabs, pin-up art, cover art, straight forward work-for-hire interior comics art for your comic, or even bonus art for your comic kickstarter, you can contact us via – hesir@hotmail.co.uk or tweet me @hesir. For more about all that, follow this >LINK<

Well, we’ve had a great year so far… and for the last six months we’ve been doing this full time, meaning more work output and more collab’s, and even some work for hire comics-making, which is great!


Our latest collab with Madius Comic’s Rob Jones should be out this year, the third in a trilogy of our Viking Saga stories and this one is going to be a doozy, all pencils are complete and I’m part way through inking it.


New this year is the book I’m also working on with Vince Hunt (Writer/Artist of the Red Mask From Mars, and one third of The Awesome Comics Podcast), more to come on that later, but we should be ready for the summer with that too.


It was also great to be involved with the excellent Kickstarter pulled together by Rob, Mike and Alisdair (Madius, Little O) for the collected edition of Tragic Tales of Horrere, this new printing (120+ pages) is beautiful put together, and I can’t wait for people to see it on the tables at this years events/comic-cons.

And though it’s hard to believe, there’s yet another, still to be announced comic project I’m working on, which should be great. Looking forward for that immensely.


All that, plus new work on my The Cthulhiad books, and maybe some other fun comics art stuff too. Not least of which is running the Make your own Mini Comics and Zines course for the new Feral Art school, and a potential mini-residence looking at comics and making comics in association with a very cool Comic Art exhibition in the near future (honestly, this is going to be great) but yet to be announced.


Oh! And now that I mention it, about The Cthulhiad… Books 1 & 2 – “Severed Head Cult” and “Vanitas” are now available on the Comichaus app if you are a subscriber… get over there and check it out, leave a review. (you can find a bunch of reviews of the series here along with reviews of other comics work).


Prior to all this we had a great time at TBF18 (Sept 2018) as always, and are now really looking forward to seeing how it all looks and feels in Harrogate (the staff at Destination Venus must be freaking out after that announcement, laughs) as we have just heard we are definitely going to be there for #TBF19. We also showed up at Nottingham Comic Con (Oct 2018) last year, which was very cool, a really easy going atmosphere and very nice to chat with so many great creatives, I for one came away feeling inspired, thanks to everyone who came by the tables and picked up the books (nice to see one of our Cthuliad comics triple-packs winging its way over to Sweden! – Cheers Jeanette from Gothenburg!), picked up the art or just came by to chat about comics… and particularly to those of you who said cool stuff about us on the internet, you have no idea how much it helps, so cheers.

This year we’ve also shown up at two Geek Fairs, Hull Comic Con, Bridlington Comic Con (Saturday Sept 8th), the last two at which we were invited as guests, which fantastic.

So… if you get the chance drop by our future con tables and say Hi… more info here:

*…our previous blog is still available here – https://ironshodape.wordpress.com/ – should you wish to see some of the old posts, but we’ll be starting from scratch this year as we will be hoping to offer a few more things.